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University at Buffalo

Graduating Dec 2018

MS in Computer Science and Engineering

GPA - 3.5

University of Allahabad

May 2015

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

GPA - 3.5

Best Newbie Hacker, Brick Hack 4, 2018

1st/105, e-YRC, IIT-Bombay, 2014

98.3 percentile among 1.2 million candidates, AIEEE, 2010

2nd All India Rank in CS, AAT, 2007

9th/105, e-YRC, IIT-Bombay, 2013

Level 2 qualifier, Google Code Jam 2013 and 2014

Embedded Systems

Data Intensive Computing



Parallel and Distributed Programming

Operating Systems

Distributed Systems

Intro to Machine Learning

Pattern Recognition


Artificial Intelligence

Proven prowess to guide and manage wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent circumstances. Four years of practical experience in building solutions for challenges in Embedded Systems. Proficient in designing and developing systems capable of synergizing the power of Machine Learning, Web and Computer Vision

  • Core: Full-Stack, Computer Vision and Embedded Systems Programming
  • Middle-ware: Parallel and Distributed Programming, Big-Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised)
  • Libraries JQuery \ Symfony \ scikit-learn \ ggplot2 \ D3.js \ mapdata \ PYPDF2 \ openMP \ OpenCV2 \ Numpy \ pyspark \ Pandas
  • Programming PHP \ MySQL \ JavaScript \ HTML/CSS \ Core Java (HP certified) \ Python \ R \ MATLAB \ Octave \ SAS \ Scala
  • Frameworks Tornado \ SQLAlchemy \ Apache Server \ Apache Spark \ Hadoop \ Git \ \ Bootstrap \ node.js \ Angular \ WebSocket \ TensorFlow \ Latex \ Jupyter \ IoT \ Linux \ MQTT \ npm \ composer \ LAMP \ RESTful API
  • Tech Specs: Python, SAS, MySQL and MS Excel

  • Reduced thousands of clicks to just two clicks for fixing deviations in different define.pdf files for FDA submission
  • Leveraged MySQL repository for editing Excel spreadsheets and created mechanism for performing audits
  • Chosen from 44 Interns to present the PDF-Editor tool project used for correcting define.pdf files, at Coder’s Corner event
  • Tech Specs: Python and APM planner

  • Revamped modules for current measurement, logging and visualization to perform energy profiling for Drone
  • Tech Specs: Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, Python, openCV2, Numpy, Embedded C, node.js, AngularJS, Bluetooth

  • Architected open-source model for the Greenhouse Automation, later inducted into Urban Farming Setup initiative
  • Co-developed websites for different initiatives of e-Yantra and managed three of its important initiatives
  • Built and deployed the Online Selection Test, taken by 40000 students and automated the result generation process
  • Administered Rackspace Server, Amazon Mail Service, GitHub repositories and Teaching Assistant for CS 308
  • Conceived project based theme, mentored and evaluated over 600 participants in Robotics competition
  • Oversaw Summer Internship program at e-Yantra, interviewed applicants, mentored Interns and managed programs
  • Tech Specs: PHP, Blueprint CSS, node.js, phpMQTT, MySQL, JavaScript, ESP8266, Lua, nodemcu

  • Built UX interface and API calls in PHP for handling real-time MQTT messages in controlling irrigation valves
  • Tech Specs: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, CSS Blueprint

  • Provided Web solutions for the requirements of Department of Electronics and Communications
  • Tech Specs: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, CSS Blueprint

  • Developed and maintained registration portal for Alumni data collection and registration
  • Tech Specs: Node.js, PHP, MQTT, Bootstrap, WebSockets, RESTful API, nodemcu, Lua, MySQL, AMCharts

  • Engineered Greenhouse automation system capable of auto-discovering irrigation valves and controlling them using MQTT protocol
  • Invented closed loop system with features like react system, valve scheduler, sensor data visualizer, sensors/valves health monitor
  • Designed UX interface based on AngularJS/bootstrap at front-end and PHP with MySQL persistence at back-end
  • Constructed IoT communication layer by revamping node.js based MOSCA MQTT broker and WebSocket
  • Developed API in node.js for automated channel creation for the local ThingSpeak server to perform data logging and Twitter alert
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: Python, OpenCV2, Numpy, Embedded C

  • Developed a prototype Robot to provide provisions to patients in a hospital using color markers
  • Devised a Control System capable of environment sensing, obstacle detection, localization and controlling Robot for task performing
  • Applied real-time image processing using Python with openCV2 and instructions transmission in Zigbee protocol
  • Github Link Youtube Link
  • Tech Specs: Python, OpenCV, Embedded C and scikit-learn

  • Led a team of three members in design and development of an autonomous cavity filling robot which builds a path during navigation
  • Devised a Control System capable of environment sensing, localization and transmitting instructions to Robot for task performing
  • Applied real-time image processing using Python with openCV2 and instructions transmission in Zigbee protocol
  • Provided as the theme project to the 600 participants for the e-Yantra Robotics Competition - 2016.
  • Youtube Link
  • Tech Specs: Laravel/PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Javascript, Bootstrap

  • Developed test-portal using Laravel with Memcached and JSON using AJAX which was deployed for 40000 participants
  • Devised MySQL database schema to store questions sets, user responses to them and their stats
  • Generated results with customized SQL queries and automated the project allocation for the qualified students
  • Tech Specs: Android, node.js, Restful API, and Angular 2

  • Developed an App for calculating nutrient requirement with little investment of time, utilized USDA and Wegmans APIs
  • Devpost Link
  • Tech Specs: Embedded C

  • Developed a prototype Robot for dropping custom numbers of Seeds into the differently placed holes
  • Constructed Seed storage chamber with inlets to allow seeds to fall into the wooden disk operated inside the Seed dispenser module
  • Built depth sensing capability for the Robot along with line following algorithm programmed in Embedded C
  • Github Link Youtube Link
  • Tech Specs: Laravel, Python, MySQL, Tornado, RESTful API

  • Incorporated Machine Learning algorithm to create a Robust Questions Analysis app with Question editor
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: Python Tornado, WebSocket, MySQL, Angular 4

  • Designed a back-end framework for relaying High Speed Cryptocurrency trading data to a Front-end website
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: Python, Hadoop - MapReduce and D3.js

  • Created text corpuses using NYTimes/Twitter API and built a Web app for visualizing word clouds
  • Github Link
  • Tech Specs: Android, SQLite, WebSocket

  • Leveraged Amazon Dynamo and DHT concepts to build a messenger providing Linearizability and Availability
  • Tech Specs: Apache Spark, openMP, Hadoop, Scala, C++

  • Applied pointer jumping technique and Message Passing Interface to compute connected components of distributed graphs
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: Python, NLTK and Apache Spark

  • Performed Multi-Class classification on text corpuses collected from NYTimes articles using pyspark
  • Github Link
  • Tech Specs: Laravel/JWT, MySQL

  • Developed back-end framework to facilitate public restroom searches, check-ins and ratings on map
  • Github Link
  • Tech Specs: Python. TensorFlow, scikit-learn

  • Assessed Convolution Neural Network (CNN) in identifying Celeb faces with goggles and classifying handwritten digits
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: MATLAB, SVM, SIFT

  • Created annotated UB Image Database and performed Scene recognition and generating panorama of over-lapping images
  • Github Link 1 Github Link 2
  • Tech Specs: PHP, MySQL, Blueprint CSS

  • Built Picture Puzzle Solving website with features for profile management, score tracking, and user moderation
  • I worked with Jayant for 10 weeks on a summer intern project. It has been an enjoyable and productive 10 week as we accomplished in developing a set of Python and SAS scripts to automate the process of fixing Define.PDF issues. SAS is good at generating PDF reports, but Jayant has the talents of leveraging existing Python libraries to edit and fix bookmarks, hyperlinks and other aspect of the PDF file. Not only is he a gifted programmer, Jayant was also effective in developing test scripts to ensure the final solution can handle diverse types of inputs resulting in a consistent and more robust tool. In addition to the technical aspect of our work, I also enjoy taking walks and hikes with Jayant as we explored various fields of technology raging from robotics and artificial intelligence. Based upon my experience mentoring Jayant on his internship, I recommend him as an effective programmer and team player.

    Jayant worked on project e-Yantra at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay and managed the online systems related to the project. There are many aspects of the online systems such as on-line tests, managing e-Yantra competition portal and was also involved in an IOT project relating to agricultural testbed. He was also involved in mentoring summer interns and assisted them to work and completed the project assigned. He is a committed worker and can think independently and take on challenging work.